Lexus RX 350 F Sport – $47 000

Lexus RXThe Japanese company announced cost of updated crossover RX, truth, while only for the North American market. Realization of Lexus RX 2013 of modeling year in the USA begins current month at initial cost $39 310. Such price is appointed by the company for the car with the 3.5-litre petrol motor which develops 274 h.p. and 336 Nanometers of a twisting moment. The power-plant aggregated with a six-step automatic transmission, accelerates SUV with 0 to 96 km/h in 7,7 seconds with, the maximum speed of model makes 180 km/h. Restyling Lexus RX outwardly differs from old version by a new radiator enclosure, head headlights with light-emitting diode elements and the modernized bumper with others ant fog lights. In an interior of the car of change are reduced to occurrence of new variants of an inner trim and slightly modified steering wheel. Buyers of Lexus RX can order for model the sports package F Sport engaging of aggressive design a front bumper, decorative radiator grid and 19-inch wheels, under wheel pedals of a gear shift and the customized suspender. Cost of Lexus RX 350 F Sport makes $47 000. The hybrid version of model of Lexus RX with 3.5-litre, Atkinson working cycle, and two electric motors whom nickel-metal-hybrid feeds the accumulator, manages to the future owner in $45 910. With hybrid installation by total capacity of 295 h.p. the car reaches 100 km/h in 7,8 seconds with, maximum speed of the car are 200 km/h.

Price Of New Cadillac XTS starts from $44995

Cadillac XTSIn the end of spring in the North American market Cadillac company starts realization of new flagman sedan XTS. To the clients of Cadillac living in the USA, the bonus car manages in $44 995. The sedan has rich enough basic set in which, besides other, the adaptive suspender Magnetic Ride Control capable quickly to react to change of road conditions, and information-entertaining system CUE are engaged. In the richest equipment sedan XTS has the radiator enclosure covered with chrome, 20-inch disks made of aluminum, the leather interior decorated by inserts of rare breeds of a tree, and also system of an all wheel drive with electronic self-blocked differential.

In movement the car is resulted by 3.6-litre petrol motor V6 capacity of 308 h.p., aggregated with a six-step automatic transmission. Front-wheel version of Cadillac XTS in a city cycle on 100 km of run “eats” – 13,8 l, on highway – 8,4 l. The car with all wheel drive system consumes 13,8 l and 8,7 l of fuel accordingly.

Price of 2013 Shelby GT500 – $62 820

The manufacturer published the prices on new Shelby GT500 a lineup of 2013. The price of “the entrance ticket» in fan clubs of this car begins from 59200 US dollars. In a complete set engaging all options where enters a package of vocal navigation and leather sitting Recaro, the price reaches 62 820 dollars.

2013 Ford Shelby GT500

Heart new 2013 Fords Shelby GT500 is the 5,8-litre engine V8 equipped with an effective supercharger that allows to develop capacity of 650 h.p. The power unit with a six-step mechanical gear box works. As a whole engineers worked wonderfully well as many details have been improved, including a camshaft, a propeller shaft from a carbon fiber, clutch and shafts is modernized.

Price of Renault Zoe announced – starting from €15 700

The French manufacturer in Geneva where takes place the international showroom, informed the price list of the serial version of electro mobile Zoe.

The electric hatchback of Renault Zoe in basic set Life will cost to the buyer €15 700. The list of the regular equipment provides, in particular, presence of a multimedia complex of Renault R-Link, system Chameleon which allows to charge batteries from the electric system with any pressure, and automatic climate control. For Zoe the French company will lease the complete set of accumulators to the client within 3 years for a monthly payment in size €79.

Batteries feed a 89-strong electric motor dispersing the car till the maximum speed of 135 km/h. Depending on road and weather conditions without refueling about 210 km are capable to pass model. Completely to fill up a resource of accumulators from 22-kilovattnoj fuel station it is possible all for 1 hour.

Renault Zoe realization in Europe begins autumn of current year. We remind that in 2013 French manufacturer prepares to begin deliveries of cars with electric engines to Eastern Europe. It is not excluded that among electro mobiles there will be hatchback version of Zoe.

Audi announced price of A1 quattro

Since next month in interiors of official dealers of Audi of some the European countries it will be possible to issue the order for acquisition of model of limited series A1 quattro. Among the first Audis A1 about the price quattro it became known to the British clients of the company. In the local market in total there will be 19 copies of the sports hatchback, everyone in cost £41 020. Such sum the client pays for all-wheel drive 3-door with 2.0-litre petrol motor TFSI capacity of 256 h.p. and the maximum twisting moment of 350 Nanometers. The power-plant is aggregated with a six-step mechanical gear box. According to gauging’s of engineers of Audi, the car shoots to 100 km/h for 5,7 with also develops the maximum speed of 245 km/h.

External bright stylistic lines of Audi A1 quattro are the body painted in white color Glacier White, an aggressive aerodynamic weather-cloth, a black roof with the huge rear wing, two branch pipes of an exhaust system and 18-inch disks which design reminds plane turbines.

In model interior the future owner finds out leather sports armchairs, 3 position wheel truncated in the heel, a pedal from noncorrosive steel, black glossy decorative inserts, a dashboard of new design and the aluminum lever of a gear box. Regularly Audi A1 quattro is equipped by the light-emitting diode latent illumination which creates a special cosines in an interior, bonus audio system Bose and navigating system MMI plus. All Audi exhausts 333 cars A1 quattro on which base the German manufacturer plans to develop model S1. It is supposed that the sports hatchback debuts in the market next year.

Volkswagen started to accept orders for Passat Alltrack

In a number of the European countries the German manufacturer of Volkswagen started to accept orders for purchase all road versions of caravan Passat.

Volkswagen Passat Alltrack in the market of Germany is estimated in €33 450. The car for the first time shown to the public in the autumn of last year on the international showroom in Tokyo, outwardly differs from the usual versatile person new bumpers, plastic protection of the heel of a body, design of the wheel disks, the chrome plated fringing of side windows, silvery railings, the chrome plated cases of exterior mirrors. The main feature of Volkswagen Passat Alltrack – the road gleam which has grown to 165 mm and the stages increased a corner, entrance and congress corners.

The ruler of power-plants of the versatile person of cross-country capacity included the 2.0-litre diesel engine capacity of 140 both 170 h.p. and two petrol units in volume of 1.8 both 2.0 liters and capacity of 160 and 210 h.p.

New Ford Transit Looks Like Focus

“The blue oval” declassified the data about a prototype of micro bus Transit of following generation, putting thereby the end to gamble in mass-media on a theme of design and performance data of new model. On the international showroom in Geneva the North American manufacturer exposes on a general review concept Tourneo Custom Concept which is the pre-series sample new Transit. Appearance of a micro bus is executed in bright kinetic style: the big front lattice in the form of a trapeze, a bit slanting headlights of head optics, “brawny” wheel arches and a rising zone line.

The interior of new Ford Transit became more modern, comfortable and is cozier. The design of a front part of interior of a van in many respects repeats stylistics of the third generation of model Focus with which show penalties make related a steering wheel, a dashboard and registration of the top part of the central extension housing. In a passenger compartment it is established three rows of seats where the driver and seven passengers take place.

The new generation of Ford Transit receives modernized 2.2-litre diesel engine Duratorq TDCi. The Power-plant is accessible in three variants of capacity: 100, 125 and 155 h.p. the Car which will be issued in several types bodies, arrives on the markets of Europe and Asia in long-wheelbase and short base variants. Microbus sales begin till the end of current year.